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Mastercard® SecureCode™ has launched

Safer online shopping for you

Fidor Debit Mastercard Digital

Secure, fast, easy

SEPA transfers

for a flat fee of £2.49

Forget the paperwork, the lengthy credit checks and queues (with the old banks that never listen). Fidor has safely changed the entire process for good...

Apply for an online account in minutes through our video identification process - you can open and verify your account via the IDNow mobile app or a web camera.

If you are using a smartphone, please use the IDNow App. The web version is not supported on a smartphone, only on a laptop or PC/Mac.

This is a quick and hassle-free method, it is real-time, secure and gives you the opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with your bank.

As soon as your ID is validated, you will be able to enjoy all the account features that Fidor UK offers.

Please note that you can only open a bank account with a valid passport. Driving licenses are not accepted.


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Smart Current Account

Free account, easy sign-up, video identification process, no credit check, attractive interest rate and no maximum balance

Debit Mastercard

 The Fidor Debit Mastercard Digital is issued with your account. If you need the physical TAP Debit Mastercard, you will need to order the card separately


Fidor App Balance Checker

Keep your account balance under control wherever you are, whenever you want

Fidor Smart Current Account Fees and Frees

Account opening Free
Credit Check None
Interest Earned on Fidor Smart Current Account Balance

0.3% currently
(up to 0.50% with our Interest for Likes Feature)

Transfers to the EEA

(up to £25,000)

Closing Account * Free
Real-time transfers within Fidor accounts Free
Monthly Cost No
Paying in via a Bank Transfer Free


*Only when your account is zero. If you have money in your account we can immediately transfer it to another account of yours. If you have a negative balance, you will need to pay the amount back including any applicable charges before being able to close your account.

A Debit Mastercard® made for you!

  • Secure, fast, easy
  • Automatically issued with the account opening (as of 28th June 2017)
  • Immediately ready to use
  • Free of charge
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Can be upgraded to the contactless Fidor TAP Debit Mastercard
  • Valid for online purchases or via the phone
  • Not valid for offline points of sale or cash withdrawals
  • Intergrated with Mastercard® SecureCode™ for extra security



To order the physical or the digital debit card, simply click on the button below and you will be transferred to your account page where you can order your card immediately. It takes less than 60 seconds to order a card and it is completely free of charge. Upon receiving your card you can activate it online under the “Card Management” section in your account.

Please note: you can only have either of the two cards and not both at this stage.

Don’t forget to go green with Fidor TAP Debit Mastercard. If you feel you won't need it, you can opt for the digital card instead. We hope that you will join us in our quest for a greener environment.


If you are an existing customer, please order your card here

Fidor TAP Debit Mastercard® Fees and Frees

Order a Fidor TAP Debit Mastercard Free

Annual Fees


Debit Card Purchases Free

ATM Withdrawals per month (UK & worldwide)

Free first 3 withdrawals then 1GBP per withdrawal

(1.5% FX fees applicable)*

FX Fees 1.5% on all non-sterling transactions
Replacement Card if Expired Free
Lottery Transactions 3% Fee
Replacement Card if Lost/Stolen Free


*Only if you get your account debited in the local currency. 

Your Fidor Plus

Our Fidor Smart Current Account is free and fits the digital lifestyle perfectly. It offers many advantages such as:


Easy – No credit check, no hassle, faster, saves you time. Open an account in minutes with the video identification process!

Participatory – The more likes we get on Facebook, the higher your interest rate on your current account balance will be!

Safe – Your deposits are insured up to the GBP equivalent of €100,000. 


Fidor Plus 5

Mobile Banking with the Fidor App Balance Checker

With the Fidor Bank mobile app balance checker for iOS, you have an overview of your money 24/7 wherever you are. You’ll have access to your balance and transaction history to maintain an up-to-date overview of all transactions.

Simply log in once using your accounts details and after this you will need to create a TouchID or Passcode to log in. This ensures your safety as your online banking password won’t be stored in the app.

The useful search and filter functions allow you to search through your entire transaction history, which is always available securely and safely on your device. 

Your Fidor Plus

Notifications for your incoming and outgoing payments wherever you are - with the Fidor Mobile App Balance Checker.

Know your balance - iOS users can see their account balance and transfer list 24/7.