We are leaving!

Due to the uncertainties
surrounding the UK
market, we have decided
to withdraw our product
and service offering in
the UK on the 15th of
​​​​​​​September 2019.

Important information

If you have a savings bond with us that is maturing after the 15th of September 2019, please make sure to provide us with the account details of a bank account to which the amount of the bond including the interest rate should be transferred after maturity. Please note that we will hold your savings bond product upon the maturity date. 

Invest money for strong returns

Do you want to invest your money for a fixed-term and get a guaranteed fixed rate of interest? The Fidor Bank Savings Bonds is the right choice for you. You can determine the term and therefore the interest rate that you will receive, which can be created easily with the Savings Bonds Configurator tool.

More about our Savings Bonds

At Fidor Bank, we endeavour to adapt our offering to the needs of our clients while keeping things as simple as possible. For this reason, we have decided to let you invest as little as £100 in Savings Bonds up to 100,000 for the duration of their choice (3, 6, 9, 12 months).

Savings bonds can be created at any point in time, in less than 60 seconds, directly from your Fidor Bank Smart Current Account but will take up to 3 banking days to be processed by the bank.

Creating a Savings Bond is FREE and has no management fee, the only thing we require is that you hold a Fidor Smart Current Account.


Fidor Bank Savings Bonds Term Interest Rate before 09/11/2018 Rates from 09/11/2018*


Minimum     £100
Maximum    £100,000

3 months 0.90% p.a.* 0.0% p.a.
6 months 1.00% p.a.* 0.0% p.a.
9 months 1.10% p.a.* 0.0% p.a.
12 months 1.20% p.a.* 0.0% p.a.


Interest deposit: The interest payment together with the amount invested is directly deposited into your Fidor Smart Current Account at the end of the duration of the Savings bond you have chosen, subject to any applicable tax.

Statutory Deposit Insurance: FIDOR Bank AG is a member of the Compensation Scheme of German Banks GmbH, which means you are always covered by the latest German deposit insurance. Since the 31st December 2010, this is the GBP equivalent of €100,000.

*Effective from 9th November 2018 onwards only - for any saving bonds created prior to that date, previous rates apply.