We are leaving!

Due to the uncertainties
surrounding the UK
market, we have decided
to withdraw our product
and service offering in
the UK on the 15th of
​​​​​​​September 2019.

Fidor Bank - A fresh approach

Fidor Bank is a digital bank founded in Germany in 2009 in an effort to re-establish lost confidence in banking with new and customer-focused services, enabling its customers to actively participate in the bank’s decision-making processes. Our current portfolio of products in Germany covers retail and business banking ranging from basic bank accounts and savings bonds,  to various lending offers. All accessible from the same bank account. In Germany, Fidor currently has more than 310,000 community members.

Fidor is one of the world's most innovative banks and has received several international awards for its disruptive, transparent approach to banking, its Fintech activity and innovative use of social media. Fidor Bank was awarded "Global Growth Company" by The World Economic Forum and Celent Banking Model of the year 2015. For more information about our awards please click here.

Why is the bank doing this?

The creators of Fidor Bank believe that people out there have a lot of know-how and experience when it comes to finance. What is needed is a place to exchange this.
Fidor Bank does not employ "financial advisors" because we do not believe in selling our customers products that they don't want or need. Managing money should be fun. Fidor's digital framework provides more fun, interaction, transparency and connection than any traditional bank.

Absolutely any aspect of money can be raised and discussed: from stocks to credit or debt, insurance or bonds. The community is a foundation and platform for "doing business".

Fidor's Community Banking

In line with the motto "Banking with Friends", Fidor Bank brings the values of openness, transparency, and authenticity to financial services. Fidor Bank interacts with customers directly across social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SlideShare.

Even before receiving their banking license, Fidor Bank's team of founders had begun to form a community. It was just a logical step to really involve the community members in building the bank of their dreams.

Moving towards a digital lifestyle

Traditional banks do not reflect their customers' needs in the digital age. Customer requirements are not being met by traditional banks because traditional banks have lost touch with the fast evolving digital revolution. Fidor Bank is aware of these trends and works with its community to build the bank of the future.

Fidor Bank says hello!

Do you want a smart and simple money solutions from an innovative bank? Founded in the turmoil of the financial crisis, Fidor Bank believes in openess, fairness, and involving customers in their decision-making process.

Become a part of something special and join the banking revolution! To stay informed about the multi-award-winning Fidor Bank, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

From Crowdfunding to Crowdwriting

The Fidor Bank Moneyfesto is the first leaflet that was co-created by members of the community and employees of the bank. It contains the 10 rules for modern cash management.