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That's the news about: Fidor Group acquired by Groupe BPCE

28/07/2016 - Fidor Group, the German digital challenger bank and fintech pioneer, announced its acquisition by Groupe BPCE , the second largest banking group in France.

Matthias Kroener, former CEO and founder of Fidor, commented: “This move will allow Fidor to continue its international expansion and drive the development of our innovative digital technology even further.

In a world of increasing volatility, it is important to be member of a strong group and this transaction is strongly improving our overall financial sustainability."

What does this development mean for you as a customer of Fidor group?

First of all you, you have a strong, well established financial partner with BPCE. This, combined with Fidor’s company youth, innovation and technology means Fidor will continue to offer the best digital banking offerings, alongside the support and sustainability of a well-established financial institution.

Video-Statement Matthias Kröner , former CEO Fidor Bank AG


What changes for you as a banking customer?

For you as a Fidor customer, there will be no difference in the day-to-day interactions with the bank - account details remain the same and there will be no changes to fee structures or interest rates. 

Our vision as a company will not change either - our customer-centric attitude and drive to create better banking services for customers will be driven by digital technology.


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Benefits for Fidor

Partnering with Groupe BPCE combines the benefits of the proven Fidor Community banking expertise with the operational expertise of Groupe BPCE. Fidor customers will benefit from innovations, products, services. Find more in the official press release.


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