We are leaving!

Due to the uncertainties
surrounding the UK
market, we have decided
to withdraw our product
and service offering in
the UK on the 15th of
​​​​​​​September 2019.

The Fidor Group


Fidor Bank //
Smart Banking for a digital lifestyle

Fidor Bank is a digital bank licensed in Germany and headquartered in Munich. The Fidor Smart Account is for retail and business customers in Germany and currently for retail customers in the UK. Fidor Bank fully embraces the 21st century and aims to build the first truly digital bank.

The Bank’s slogan – "Banking with Friends" – refers to the important role that customers and bank employees play within the Fidor Smart Community. The community connects customers with each other and provides the opportunity to ask money-related questions, provide and receive savings tips, evaluate financial services or providers or suggest new product developments.

Via its Bonus Programme, Fidor Bank rewards customers that actively engage as community members. Part of the Fidor Bank concept is consistent communication across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In Germany, the product portfolio covers retail and business customers' needs from online savings bonds, investment opportunities in foreign currency or precious metals to various lending offers – all in one account, the Fidor Smart Account.

Fidor Bank was founded in 2009 by Matthias Kröner, Dr. Michael Maier, Steffen Seeger and Martin Kölsch.




Efficient Scale //
Intelligent opportunities

Efficient Scale will build on Fidor Bank's heritage in pioneering API-driven, marketplace banking, to create a new breed of marketplace that helps e-commerce finally fulfil its potential. Using deep, identity-based data it will bring brands and customers together with a hyper-targeted, hyper-personalised e-commerce engine - serving the right content and recommendations, at the right price, at the right time.

After a successful beta test at Fidor Bank Germany, Efficient Scale's marketplace concept is being adopted by Fidor’s partners around the globe. This means an amazing choice of local and global financial and e-commerce offerings to meet customers’ precise needs. A fantastic network of partners enables each partner to expand internationally and provide their customers a marketplace in the countries of their choice.




Fidor Solutions //
The leading innovator for digital banking services

Fidor Solutions provides existing financial, retail and telecoms institutions and startup banks the chance to bring digital technology to the heart of their businesses. Fidor is at the forefront of digital innovation and financial technology, providing tailored, purpose-built products and services that enable its clients to offer a customer-focused digital experience.

Using Fidor’s technology, you can deliver a complete digital banking and community experience on mobile and web devices. Once implemented, Fidor offers you continuous support and counsel, with 24 hour advice.

Fidor Solutions is a subsidiary of Fidor Bank (AG), headquartered in Munich, Germany. Fidor was awarded as the Celent Model Bank Of The Year in 2015 and received the award for The World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Company in 2014.




FidorFactory //
A digital customer service company

FidorFactory is a digital customer services agency caring for all customer services of Fidor Group globally.

As an in-house digital customer service solution specialist, FidorFactory has been involved at all stages of Fidor Bank's growth, from its beginning in Munich in 2009 to the roll-out of its offering across the globe.

FidorFactory is based in Berlin and Munich.

FidorFactory is a 100% subsidiary of Fidor Bank.