We are leaving!

Due to the uncertainties
surrounding the UK
market, we have decided
to withdraw our product
and service offering in
the UK on the 15th of
​​​​​​​September 2019.

Confident banking - safety first

Your safety is our top priority. To this end, we not only carry out comprehensive measures to protect your data against unauthorised access by third parties, but also ensure the safety of your money through the legal deposit insurance up to the GBP quivalent of 100,000€ per investor and by adopting a modern validation code procedure.


The safety of your money may be at risk in several ways: through speculation, phishing, or by inflation.

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10 important rules

Learn how to ensure safety while banking online. These tips will help you avoid the risk of falling prey to scammers.

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Fidor Bank's safety procedures

Fidor Bank makes specific efforts to ensure that your data and funds are secure. Read more about our safety procedures.

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Your Fidor Plus

With Fidor bank, you are on the safe side.


  • Internet security - SSL encryption, firewall updates, and validation code system
  • Customer Data Security - mobile phone verification
  • Balance safety - deposit insurance for fully-legitimate customers, fiduciary solution for partially-legitimate customers

10 Rules for safe banking

We have compiled a short list of tips to help you stay safe whilst banking online. Alternatively, you can chat with other users of the Fidor Bank Community concerning these issues. Please have a look at the points below so that you do not fall prey to scammers.

Regularly update the antivirus program and firewall on your PC. This is the only way to ensure that viruses, worms and trojans do not access your PC unnoticed.

Make sure that your OS (e.g. Windows) is always up to date. Use a web browser that updates automatically (such as Firefox or Google Chrome).

Perform all online banking related activities only on your own computer. Use only those computers that you know and avoid these activities elsewhere, for example, in an Internet cafe.

Never store your online banking related information on your computer. Everything that has not been stored, cannot be read by external programs.

Fidor Bank will never - either by telephone, SMS, or email - ask you to send back, declare or directly enter personal information. In order to avoid fraud, each user of a Fidor Smart Account is prompted to specify a reference account (e.g. for changes in e-mail address or mobile phone number) and a mobile phone number (for sending validation codes). In addition, one can use all the features of the Smart Fidor Account only if his/her identity has been confirmed during our onboarding process. Each transaction must be confirmed by entering a Single Use Authorisation Code, received by the user via SMS on his/her mobile phone.

Regularly clear the cache if you remain away from your PC.

Malicious programs can manipulate your transaction details. Periodically check your account balance.

Change your password regularly. Choose strong passwords by, for example, making use of combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Avoid combinations with personal reference (e.g. name, date of birth, telephone number, etc.). A simple password can be guessed easily.

Be careful of websites whose address begins with an IP number instead of a domain name
(e.g., http://1232.456.789/...)
or addresses containing the Fidor Bank only as sub-domain name
(e.g., http://www.fidor.domainname.com/...)
or additions to name or slight spelling variations
(e.g., http://www.fidor-site.net/...)

Please always exit the Fidor online banking through the "Logout" function, which is available on all pages. This disconnects you from the Fidor Smart Account online banking system.

Internet Security

Always ensure that you have entered the correct internet address in the browser. Fidor Bank, in addition to mobile validation codes uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption method to encrypt our online pages. You can see this in the "s" in the URL when you are logged in. It stands for an SSL connection, which for the duration of your online session ensures that communication between your computer and the bank server is encrypted and secured. Your data is therefore protected from unauthorised access by third parties. As long as this 128-bit encryption is enabled, the data can neither be read nor used by third parties.

Mozilla Firefox: You will find the lock sign in the status bar. It appears closed in case of a secure connection. If you click the lock sign in the status bar, a dialog window opens with safety information. By clicking on the "More information" button, you can display information about the validity of the certificate and see who the certificate was issued for (issued for fidorbank.uk). To view the information, click on "View Certificate" and then "General".

Google Chrome: You will find the lock sign for Internet URLs at the top left of the entry bar. With a double-click on the icon, you can open a dialog window containing properties and contents of the certificate.

The free of charge Single Use Authorisation Code is one of the safest methods for online banking. When you make transactions online, you are required to enter a Single Use Authorisation Code to confirm the order. You receive this via SMS to your mobile phone. If you enter the wrong mobile validation code three consecutive times, your transaction will be cancelled and you will have to initiate the transaction again..

For security reasons, your mobile validation code is only valid for 10 minutes. As an online banking customer, you will be sent a Single Use Authorisation Code for each transaction or change you make. Each code is only ever valid for the specific action carried out at that time.

Why is this safer?

Single Use Authorisation Codes are limited to one transaction. This prevents reuse for other transactions. In addition, phishing attacks are more difficult when using Single Use Authorisation Codes.Even if you lose your mobile phone, you do not have to worry because mobile validation codes have limited validity. Additionally, you are also informed of unauthorized credit transfer attempts via SMS, so you can immediately arrange for your account's suspension.

Important: please ensure that your mobile number is always up to date.

Balance security

You make a good choice when you select Fidor Bank! 
Our innovative business model has successfully expanded since our founding in 2009 in a challenging market environment. The community banking and Fidor Smart Current Account concept has not only won over more than 250,000 customers in Germany but also convinced institutional and particularly Internet-savvy companies to join forces with Fidor Bank.

It is part of our strategy to transparently communicate all activities of the Bank and to conduct a friendly dialogue with customers and community members via the business practices of the Bank.


Only by working together can we achieve more

Together we can talk about and discuss problems and issues. Together we can solve problems more easily. Both our offers and our services build upon this value system. We truly believe that this is the only way we can achieve our goal: a better bank for everyone.

Valid customer information

Fidor Bank assigns great importance to valid customer information. Depending on the user profile, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

To participate in the Fidor Bank Community, we only need the e-mail address and the first and last name of the user. Applicants should be over 18 years old and have a permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

The password that has been stored for the Fidor Bank Community is also valid for your Fidor Smart Account. For deposits and withdrawals, we also need a valid bank account and mobile phone number for the Single Use Authorisation Code method. Applications are possible for those who are over 18 years old and have a permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

Only fully-legitimised Fidor Bank customers can use all the features of the Fidor Smart Current Account: high-yield savings products, credit transfers to other accounts and much more. A Customer Identification Process  is available for those who want to legitimise themselves.

The Fidor Smart Current Account may only be used by the registered users in their own names and for their own accounts.