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Fidor Bank

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#AWARD "World Economic Forum Global Growth Company"

Fidor Bank

Fidor Developer Days – make our bank your bank

Fidor Developer Day // Munich

Devday Muc15

Almost 100 developers and business partners joined us in Munich in March 2015 to learn all about the latest developments regarding the Fidor API.



Took place in Munich,  05th March 2015

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Fidor Developer Day // London

Become a pirate of banking! Discover the true banking treasure: developer friendly banking APIs. Fidor APIs offer you direct access to our banking and community services. From user registration to global money transfer – pick the services your business needs.



Took place in London,  13th November 2014


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Fidor Developer Day // Munich

Fidor held its first developer & partner day in Munich on the 26th of June. FinTech developers from all over the world joined the event.
You want to know more about Fidor and Disruptive Innovation in Banking? 



Took place in Munich,  26th of June 2014

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Fidor Bank presentations for you

You are looking for documents related to the activity and development of the Fidor Group? What do Fidor’s APIs offer? What is new in the community? What is fidorOS? You will find a lot of information on our SlideShare page.


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The easiest way to contact our PR team is by sending an email directly to press(at)fidor.com

From Crowdfunding to Crowdwriting

The Fidor Bank Moneyfesto is the first leaflet that was co-created by members of the community and employees of the bank. It contains the 10 rules for modern cash management.